Cassandra Beattie Miss K-State 2019
Cassandra won the competition as a graduate student in Kinesiology, representing the 1863 Barbell Club. She did a phenomenal job in all rounds but is most remembered for showing her testament of strength by completing a powerlifting circuit consisting of a yoke carry and deadlifting 3x her bodyweight. Cassandra was the second recipient of the Miss K-State Scholarship and used the funds to finish her Master of Science in Kinesiology in Fall 2019. During her reign, Cassandra was in the Homecoming Parade, as well as attended the Children’s Carnival to pass out candy and tiaras. Cassandra is now a Ph.D. student in Kinesiology at K-State, conducting research on exercise and disease with hopes of having her own research lab one day. 

2019 Winners

Miss K-State: Cassy Beattie - 1863 Barbell Club

1st Runner up: Daijah Jones - Black Student Union

2nd Runner up: Marieli Monserrat - Hispanic American Leadership Organization

3rd Runner up: Natalie Leonard - Chi Omega

Social Media Award: Maddie Frankhauser - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Team Spirit Award: Katie Hutson - Alpha of Clovia 

Crowd Favorite: Lilly Hall - Delta Delta Delta 

Miss Congeniality: Mardi Traskowsky - Sigma Alpha Agricultural Sorority 

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Charlsie Fowler - Miss K-State 2018
Charlsie won the competition as a senior representing the Union Program Council. She did in extraordinary job in all rounds, but really stole the show when singing and signing "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman. Charlsie was the first recipient of the Miss K-State Scholarship and used the funds to finish her degree over the summer. Before graduating, Charlsie made several visits to elementary schools to read and motivate children in their classes. Charlsie currently works at Disney World in Orlando Florida in costume design. She has still worn the crown from states away and had first runner-up, Emily Kyle, fill in for the Children's Carnival and Parade appearances during homecoming week. 

2018 Winners

Miss K-State: Charlsie Fowler - Union Program Council 

1st Runner up: Emily Kyle - Smurthwaite 

2nd Runner up: Jillian Borel  - KSU Marching Band

3rd Runner up: Meenu Mohankumar - International Coordinating Council   


Social Media Award:  Meenu Mohankumar  - ICC  

Team Spirit Award: Cassy Beattie - K-State Powerlifting    

Crowd Favorite: Mackenzie Haverkapmp - Alpha Delta Pi 

Miss Congeniality: Cassy Beattie - K-State Powerlifting

Bridgette Beasley - Miss K-State 2017
Bridgette won the competition as a  junior representing her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. She is most remembered for her humorous performances in the Wildcat, Talent, and Career Rounds. McCain was full of laughter after Bridgette's impromptu performance where she created a skit based on a random word from the judges - "slippers". During her reign Bridgette was in the Homecoming parade, made an appearance at the Children's Carnival, and read to kids in the Manhattan community. Bridgette also helped start a scholarship program that will provide funds for future Miss K-State winners. She is now in Oklahoma attending medical school. 
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2017 Winners

Miss K-State: Bridgette Beasley - Kappa Kappa Gamma 

1st Runner up: Kaytlyn Schwartz - Pi Beta Phi 

2nd Runner up: Natalie Alton - KSU Marching Band

3rd Runner up: Elizabeth Hayes  - Kappa Alpha Theta  


Social Media Award: Cooper Allison - Gamma Phi Beta   

Team Spirit Award: Ashton Thomas - Alpha Xi Delta    

Crowd Favorite: Sarah Zuspan - Zeta Tau Alpha

Miss Congeniality: Topanga McBride - Sigma Alpha 

Christine Rock - Miss K-State 2016
Christine won the competition as a sophomore representing her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta. Although she did an extraordinary job in each round, Christine truly stole the show with her Alphabet Aerobics rap during the talent round. During her reign, Christine was in the Homecoming parade, made an appearance at the Children's Carnival, and started a letter writing campaign for the Education for all Act. Through this campaign Christine was able to get people of all ages across the community to buy into the campaign to make a difference in other's lives. Christine's reign as Miss K-State will forever be remembered by the motivating platform she carried with her of  "Feeding the Hungry".

2016 Winners

Miss K-State: Christine Rock - Kappa Alpha Theta 

1st Runner up: Colleen Geller - Pi Beta Phi 

2nd Runner up: Kelli Veach - Apha Delta Pi

3rd Runner up: Brittany Hilfiker  - Alpha of Clovia 


Social Media Award: Molly Thomas - Delta Delta Delta  

Team Spirit Award: Abby Giles - Kappa Kappa Gamma   

Crowd Favorite: Elissa Bergmeier - Kappa Delta 

Miss Congeniality: Abby Giles - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Ashley Wilmoth - Miss K-State 2015
Ashley won the competition as a sophmore representing her sorority Alpha Delta Pi. Although she did an exceptional job in each round, Ashley truly stole the show with her clogging routine during the talent round. During her reign, Ashley was in the Homecoming parade, made an appearance at the Children's Carnival, represented the university at GTM's National Sales Meeting, and has been involved in community service efforts. Ashley still has yet to compete in "Dancing with the K-State Stars" and will emcee the 2016 Miss K-State competition. When Ashley is not wearing the crown she spends her time dancing as a Classy Cat, hanging out with ADPi sisters, and spending time with family in Witchita, Kansas.    

2015 Winners

Miss K-State: Ashley Wilmoth - Alpha Delta Pi

1st Runner up: Riley Gay - Kappa Alpha Theta

2nd Runner up: Bekah Shirley - Kappa Kappa Gamma 

3rd Runner up: Lauren Dunkak - Christian Challenge


Social Media Award: Ashley Wilmoth - Alpha Delta Pi 

Team Spirit Award: Kenzie Denies - Kappa Delta 

Crowd Favorite: Molly Gardner - Sigma Kappa 

Miss Congeniality: Phil Sulzen - Delta Alpha Pi Honors Society 


Abby Alsop - Miss K-State 2014
Abby won the competition as a freshman representing her residence hall - Boyd Hall. Her poise and confidence set her above the rest the entire night. She won the judges over when she performed her monologue that had the audience laughing and crying all within 2 minutes. During Abby's reign, she competed in "Dancing with the K-State Stars", made an appearance at Aggieville's 125th Birthday celebration, was in the Homecoming Parade, read to children at elementary schools, was recognized at K-State's Open House, emceed the 2015 competition, and more! Abby is from Garden City, Kansas and when she is not spending time with her nieces and nephews you can catch her adventuring around Manhattan with her ADPi sister friends! 

2014 Winners

Miss K-State: Abby Alsop - Boyd Hall 

1st Runner up: Naci Peters - KSUMB Color Guard 

2nd Runner up: Jordan Priddle - Alpha Xi Delta 

3rd Runner up: Kendall Tompkins  - Zeta Tau Alpha 


Social Media Award: Katy Fernandes - Gamma Phi Beta  

Team Spirit Award: Katie Omo - Kappa Kappa Gamma   

Crowd Favorite: Ellen Collingwood - Chi Omega 

Miss Congeniality: Katie Omo - Kappa Kappa Gamma & Ellen Collingwood - Chi Omega 


Kaitlyn Dewell  - Miss K-State 2013
As the first ever Miss K-State Kaitlyn won the competition as a Junior representing her sorority Gamma Phi Beta. Her creativity and stage presence along with her oustanding vocal performance made her shine above all other contestants. She also caught everyone's attention when bringing her dog on stage for the personality round. During Kaitlyn's reign, she competed in "Dancing with the K-State Stars", Made an appearance at the Children's Carnival during homecoming, emceed the 2014 competition, and more! Kaitlyn is orginally from Meade, Kansas, but is currently traveling the country and pursuing a career in entertainment.  

2013 Winners

Miss K-State: Kaitlyn Dewell - Gamma Phi Beta  

1st Runner up: Kristen Eck - KSUMB Color Guard 

2nd Runner up: Lauren Dunkak - Alpha of Clovia 

3rd Runner up: Yessica Prato  - H.A.L.O 


Team Spirit Award: Ginger Wilson - Alpha Delta Pi  

Crowd Favorite: Sarabeth Kirchgessner - Alpha Chi Omega

Miss Congeniality: Kate Murphy - Zeta Tau Alpha & Heidi Hurtig - LSL Ambassadors